Debt that helps you save

Say hello to Ophelia: a new, simpler way to manage your debt.

Because everyone deserves to prosper, regardless of their financial hurdles. Easy, secure, and automatic, Ophelia helps you pay off your debt and put money aside as you go.

Have your finances become one big puzzle?

Is your credit card balance putting pressure on your wallet?
Are your paychecks evaporating with your monthly bill payments?
Do you become an Olympic-level financial acrobat at the end of each month?
Stop paying unreasonably high interest rates;
Start taking charge of your own prosperity.
Manage your loans the smart way. Trust Ophelia, the debt repayment solution that helps you save.

Ophelia’s solution


Consolidate your debts with Ophelia

Ophelia consolidates all your eligible loans into one place: credit cards, personal loans, lines of credit…anything that’s costing you an arm and a leg in interest!


Pay at your own pace

Personalize your Ophelia loan according to your current financial situation. This is your fresh start, so we’re handing you the reins!


Save without lifting a finger

Ophelia automatically places a portion of your payments into your newly-minted Ophelia savings account. When you’ve conquered your debts, the savings are yours!

How does it work?

Traditional Loan

With a traditional loan, each payment chips away at a portion of your loan, while tacking on quite a bit of interest. In order to mitigate the risk of nonpayment, lenders require a fairly high interest rate.

Ophelia Loan

With an Ophelia loan, a portion of each payment contributes to your Ophelia savings which is kept in a secure account. This model allows us to offer you a highly competitive interest rate.

Welcome to the age of debt repayment that helps you save!

One payment, two services

The Ophelia Loan

Reduced interest rate

Gone are the days of credit cards with a 20% interest rate! Ophelia is here to set you up with a rate that fits your needs.

Flexible loan term

The duration of your loan will take into account your current financial situation in order to offer you a reduced interest rate with maximum savings.

Payments tailored to your budget

Ophelia adapts to your budget: your monthly payments will never exceed the amount you are currently paying.

The Ophelia Savings

Spend one, save one

Paying off your debts is important, but putting money aside is doubly so. Once your Ophelia loan is paid off, you will gain access to everything you’ve saved!


Save money with your eyes closed! A portion of each loan payment will go right into your Ophelia savings account.

Financial discipline

Ophelia is your new way to put money aside for life’s most important moments.